Jennifer Aniston Diet

Kim Kardashian’s diet, Beyoncé’s diet, Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet, … you name it. Almost all celebs seem to be experimenting with dieting; Jennifer Aniston is no exception and there’s no denying it keeps her in killer shape.

The diet plan

A former Friends star, Jennifer Aniston keeps an eye on her waistline, constantly checking her weight and this diet is what makes her look ageless. Developed by Connie Guttersen, this diet has soon become very popular especially with celebrities. Jennifer Aniston is known to be obsessed with dieting and has tried a number of diets, among which the zone diet or the Atkins diet, but it is the Guttersen diet that has proven to work so well with her.

The diet is based on managing portion sizes. People following the diet are allowed to eat three times a day, abiding by several cooking principles. The foods approved by the diet include fresh fish and chicken, nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

The Jennifer Aniston diet allows just two plate sizes: for breakfast and dinner, using an 18cm plate is recommended; for lunch there’s a 23cm plate. The diet plan only allows eating portions that fit on the plate.

During the first nine days, the diet plan recommends avoiding sugar and white flour. As fruit and vegetables also contain sugar, these are to be restricted during the first phase and are only allowed during the following phases.

The good news is you’re allowed to eat virtually anything, including pizza or cake, but only as much as fits on a small plate or your lunch plate. The Jennifer Aniston diet doesn’t calculate or restrict calories either. A good rule of thumb, though, is to check how much you eat. Having said that, this diet is not exactly the healthiest.

What does Jennifer Aniston eat in a day?

The diet plan recommends eating mainly fish, chicken, legumes, nuts, fruit and vegetables. However, you’re allowed to eat almost anything.

What’s not in the diet plan?

Reducing sugar and white flour intake is highly recommended in the first nine days. Remember: fruit and vegetables also contain sugar.

Pros & cons

The obvious pro is weight loss. If this is what keeps Jennifer Aniston slim, it can get you in good shape, too. But everything has its pros and cons: as appetizing as it might look, it’s not exactly a healthy way to shed kilos.

Sample meal plan

  • Breakfast: müssli without sugar
  • Lunch: wholegrain pasta with chicken and vegetables
  • Dinner: fish with nuts and vegetables