The image of the body you desire is always more pleasant than the work that has to be put into weight loss. The fact that one has to be consistent does nothing to douse the tension. Research has shown that although exercise provides rapid weight loss healthily, even if done right the effects are greater when combined with diet. There are some drinks that are easy to come by which help in weight loss. They include:


The most mentioned fluid in conjunction with maintenance of sound health. Drinking a lot of water keeps you feeling full such that you take in less food than you normally would. In the absence of more food your body makes use of the energy that is stored up in fatty tissues. The more cold water you drink the more the number of calories you burn while you rest. Ideally, you should take about 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water daily. This is hard for most people but you can help the process by adding fruits that can facilitate the burning of calories.

Ginger Tea

In addition to being a singer-favorite remedy for a cracked voice, it holds weight loss treasures. It is featured in homemade remedies for colds, arthritis, nausea, etc. It has been proven by research that consumption of ginger tea increases calorie utilization and decreases appetite. An experiment on rats with concentration ginger powder showed reduction in the weight of the rats despite their feeding on high-fat foods. The ability of ginger to facilitate metabolism, reduce appetite and promote a feeling of satiety makes it useful as a tea for weight loss. Ginger tea can be homemade or bought from the supermarket.

Green Tea

Although some people feel that weight loss with green tea must be supported by sufficient daily exercise to reap tangible results, green tea definitely has some innate weight loss property. It contains caffeine and flavonoids. These compounds facilitate metabolism and research has proven that continual use for about three months produces wonderful results (about 2.9 pounds lost). The polyphenol constituent of green tea is dubbed the highest. You can brew it with hot water for long or short durations. It is advised to boil gently so that the catechin content is not reduced by destruction. Green teas can be purchased at your local pharmacy or variety store.

Cucumber and Grape Fruit Drink

Cucumbers cause you to urinate more and elevate your metabolic rate. They detoxify your liver and remove toxins. They help to prevent water retention and facilitate burning of calories. Grapefruit contains a protein kinase that is activated by AMP. This enzyme increases the metabolic rate and helps in the removal of calories. Both fruits improve the body’s hydration.

Both fruits are chopped, blended, water is added, and the mixture is refrigerated. It is best served cold as this elevates metabolism. The combination of both fruits provides a stronger effect of both fruits on calories and metabolism.

Although everyone who wants to lose weight just wants to do so anyhow, safer and effective methods are not independent of a change in your diet. A lot of exercise plus a lot of calories only returns you to the starting point. Use these drinks to help you, even as you exercise adequately. Good luck!