10 Exercises That Can Burn Up to 200 Calories in Only 10 Minutes

In life, we can be either pressed for time, feeling lazy, or would rather be doing anything else than exercising. With all of the things that we wish we could do or need to do, exercising seems to fall to the bottom of the list in terms of priority – especially when you don’t know where to even begin. Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do that burn a substantial amount of calories in only a short amount of time and you can do them at your local gym, outside or inside. Keep in mind that you are going to be sweating, because these workouts will be burning calories extremely fast.

10 Minutes of Stair Climbing: 92 Calories

By far one of the simplest exercises that you could do while at work or walking around town is stair climbing. You do not necessarily even need to go to the gym to do this, but instead take the stairs everywhere you go instead of taking an elevator. Taking the stairs burns approximately 92 calories in only 10 minutes, therefore if you are on your lunch break and are looking to get a quick workout, just walk up and down the stairs a few times for about 10 minutes! If you do not feel like doing it at that time, go to your local gym or an area with stairs and do it after work for a while, in which you can get a good workout in a short time.

10 Minutes of Squats: 150 Calories

Squats are one of the most difficult exercises that nearly everyone dislikes doing – but they sure can burn calories quickly. While they really are unenjoyable, doing only 10 minutes of squats burns around 150 calories, which is well worth the discomfort for only those few short minutes. You can burn even more calories and energy through squatting with weights instead of only your body weight. The more weight you squat, the more energy and calories you are burning, which makes your workouts that much faster. The only thing to be weary off is squatting way too much weight, which could potentially injure you.

10 Minutes of Swimming: 116 Calories

While you won’t sweat and it does not seem like it would be extremely tiring, swimming is actually one of the best exercises for us. Try swimming continuously for 10 minutes straight and you will feel your arms and legs burn and become weak. Swimming can burn 150 calories in only a few laps. Thirteen minutes of continuous laps, nineteen minutes at a moderate pace, and thirty three minutes of water aerobics can do the trick. Swimming is a great exercise that is easy on your lower body and indoor pools allow you to conduct this exercise all year long.

10 Minutes of Jump Roping: 135 Calories

Jump roping is a great exercise that burns a ton of calories in only 10 minutes. While the exercise looks fairly easy and effortless, it actually requires a lot of energy. If you try this workout for 10 minutes straight, you will feel yourself shedding calories and breaking a sweat. Conduct variations of jump roping instead of solely doing the basics, such as double jumps, side-to-sides, and running in place. You will easily burn 135 calories in approximately 10 minutes, and if you continue to do it for even longer the calories burned continue to stack up as well.

10 Minutes of Rock Climbing: 100 Calories

If you have never gone rock climbing before, you’re missing out on one of the biggest calorie burning exercises out there. Rock climbing not only works on your arms, but it works on your shoulders, back, chest, core, and really the entire body as a whole. If you do around an hour of rock climbing, you could burn up to 900 calories with ease – all by simply climbing a wall. Fortunately, there are gyms that have rock climbing walls that allow you to do this year round as well as opposed to going outside and climbing a real rock wall.

10 Minutes of Running Intervals: 106 Calories

Distance running is hard and many people dislike it, which is why there are other versions of running called running intervals. Running intervals include jogging at a normal pace while also having short bursts of intense sprinting in-between them. You can complete this workout on a treadmill or outdoors, all depending on which one you prefer or what the weather may be. You can easily burn around 500 calories in approximately 30 minutes and don’t have to run a very long distance!

10 Minutes of Spinning: 111 Calories

If you do not like to run, spinning is a great alternative. Stationary bikes are wonderful for cycling while you are reading or playing games on your phone, but if you use them in a more intense manner, they can be a beneficial source for burning calories. If you are seeking to burn calories fast, following a program or spin class that has a more intense form of spinning can help you burn calories fast. In approximately 45 minutes, you can burn around 500 calories with ease!

10 Minutes of Hiking: 71 Calories

Hiking not only burns a lot of calories – but it is also a way to explore nature and get outside. Running or walking on a treadmill inside a gym can be boring and cause you to lose motivation due to the lack of change of scenery. Hiking allows you to get some fresh air while also burning some calories through a full-body workout. Hiking forces you to use many different muscles within your body that you would not normally use. Therefore, if you hike a trail and come out feeling winded, it shows that hiking is working the way it is supposed to for you!

10 Minutes of Rowing: 105 Calories

Rowing does not always require being out on the water in order to receive the benefits. With rowing, you are able to get a full body workout all while sitting down. Rowing pushes your body to extremes in a very short amount of time and you are able to burn around 500-600 calories in an hour if you are rowing at a moderate pace.

10 Minutes of Circuit Training: 75 Calories

Circuit training is a high-intensity resistance training that aims toward firing up your muscles quickly. A specific type of circuit training, called supersets, involves combining two different types of workouts one after the other without a moment of rest in between. 10 minutes of circuit training can burn 75 calories easily.