How to Burn 500 Calories at Home: 6 Exercises That Can Easily Burn 500 Calories

How to Burn 500 Calories at Home: 6 Exercises That Can Easily Burn 500 Calories

Life can be busy – real busy. With all of the time that our lives take up with work, family, and other activities, we can find it hard to be able to make it to the gym on a regular basis. This leads many of us to simply give up on the idea of exercising and therefore put the idea of it in the backseat. With many of us strapped for time, are there any ways for us to burn calories in a timely manner while also avoiding to have to make it to the gym? Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do at home that can be just as beneficial as going to the gym and can burn a substantial amount of calories within a timely manner. Therefore, within this blog, we will discuss some of the exercises that you can do on a day to day basis without even having to leave the comfort of your home! 

Jump Roping 

Jump roping is a quick and easy exercise that can be conducted at home, anywhere within your home. The only thing is that you have to purchase a jump rope, which will usually not cost much at all. While jumping over a rope for an hour sounds pretty boring, there are variations of the exercise that you can conduct such as double-leg and single leg jumps. Jump roping burns a number of calories within a short amount of time. If you take only an hour out of your day, even with breaks, a 160 pound person can burn around 730 calories. Therefore, around 30-45 minutes of jump roping will enable you to reach your goal of 500 calories. Jump roping has become one of the most reliable and efficient ways for individuals to lose weight and burn calories within the comfort of their home! 


Dancing is an easy and fun way to burn a ton of calories at home, which is why so many people do it! There are various forms of dances that can burn calories faster, such as tap-dancing, Salsa, or Zumba. These dances are wonderful ways to burn calories through a full body workout. The greatest part about dancing is that it burns fat, builds muscle, and gets your heart rate up quickly. Also, you do not have to go to the gym to do it! You can do this within the comfort of your home with a partner or even with a video. Dance videos are extremely popular for individuals that are seeking to learn a new form of dancing while also incorporating it into a form of exercise. Within an hour, you will be able to burn 500 calories at home with no problem at all. 

Rearranging Your Room 

You wouldn’t think that rearranging your room would categorize as an exercise, but sure enough it does. Taking an hour of your day to move furniture, clean out your closet, clean your bathroom, or any other activity that pertains to you moving things around or being on your feet can burn calories quickly! The heavier the object, the more calories you will burn in a shorter time period. Therefore, move your bed, television set, couch, or any other large object around and not only improve the look of your room but burn calories too. While this is not necessarily an everyday exercise, doing this periodically on one of your off days or a day where you have a lot of time can be a form of exercise that doesn’t even feel like one. 



While squats with weights can burn much more calories in a shorter amount of time, doing squats without weights is still a great way to burn calories. In order to properly do this, you must keep your feet separated between hip-width and shoulder-width apart, with your toes facing forward. The best way to do this is to do approximately 20 seconds of squats and then having around 10 seconds of rest. You will need to do this 8 times, each time being the 30 second loop. It is normal to start to feel fatigued toward the end and begin to slow down, but attempt to keep it up as long as you can in order to finish the workout. 


Running can really be done anywhere, especially in a neighborhood or maybe even the woods behind your house if you have them. The faster you run, the more calories you are going to burn within a shorter amount of time. If you were only to run at 8 mph for approximately 30-45 minutes, you would burn over 500 calories easily. Running is one of the best calorie burning exercises that we can do for ourselves. Therefore, put on your running shoes and get on the treadmill or run outside. If you plan on doing other workouts during your workout time period, running before you do anything else can get you loosened up and be a great way to torch some calories before doing any other exercises such as squats or jump roping. 


Exercise Bike/Cycling/Biking

Using an exercise bike or an actual bike can burn 500 calories in approximately 30 minutes – but you would need to cycle rather faster and continuously, without stopping. This is extremely difficult for average everyday people who are not used to doing this every day of their lives. Therefore, taking breaks or going at a slower pace can get you to the 500 calorie mark in about 60 minutes. An exercise bike or actual bike is a wonderful low-impact exercise that can burn fast and get your heart rate up. The only downside to using this method is the fact that you have to purchase an exercise bike or a bike, but if you can afford it then this is a great way to exercise within your home or to explore the outdoors in a way rather than walking/running!