12 Popular Drinks: Burn Calories By Jogging, Cycling and Walking

Drinks: Calories in 100ml

Everybody consume a certain drink, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic; but do you know the amount of calories that your favorite drink gives you and how long it will take you to burn those calories when you jog or walk? Alright, there is no problem if you don’t know because those are the information you will surely get from this article. Just chill as we unravel together some important facts about those drinks that you relish.


Water is considered as a universal solvent because it dissolves the highest number of soluble substances when compared to other liquids. It’s popularity is further emphasized in its quantity; it makes up about 70% of the human body and many other living organisms, and it covers about 70% of the earth surface. Not only that, water derive its awesome reputation due to its excellent chemical composition that confer on it that unparalleled attractive force towards a lot of other substances and liquids; thereby existing in different forms such as rain, fog, cloud, snow, steam, et cetera.

In spite of the ubiquitous nature of water and its importance, water contains no calories. Natural water remains the only class of food that do not give you calories when it is taken, so whether you jog or not is immaterial for the digestion of water. In fact, it aids in the digestion of other foods that you eat. Incredible, isn’t it?

Drink: Calories in 100ml

Lemon Water

Lemon water refers to the juice gotten from Lemon plant, Citrus limon; it can therefore be called lemon juice. Lemon water has both widely accepted culinary and disinfectant uses. Due to its numerous health benefits, nutritional value, and taste, lemon water or lemon juice is used in the manufacturing of a variety of drinks such as lemonade, soft drinks and numerous cocktails.

Due to its disinfectant properties, lemon water is used to preserve a number of foods such as fish, meat, apples, bananas, and avocados.

Unlike water that is tasteless and without any calorific value, lemon water has sour taste and a measure of calories. 100ml of Lemon water gives you 106 calories when taken (0.44KJ of energy). This measure of calorie is burnt after just 0.7 seconds of jogging or 0.9 seconds of cycling or 1.1 seconds of walking.

Green Tea

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and buds of Camelia sinensis, made mostly in China, Japan, and many other Asian countries. The liquid is usually pale in color and slightly bitter in taste. Green tea is made through the process of steeping or brewing using hot water. The hotter and longer the process of making green tea is, the lower the quality of the tea. Therefore, the best green tea is made at the lowest possible temperature and shorter duration; however, some quality tea can be steeped for short durations a multiple number of times.

100ml of Green tea gives 845 calories (3.53KJ of energy) when taken. That amount of calorie is burnt after 6 seconds of jogging or 7 seconds of cycling or 8.5 seconds of walking.

Guinness Draught Beer

Guinness Draught Beer is a dark amber-colored alcoholic drink made from malted barley, roasted malted barley, water, hops, and brewer’s yeast. Guinness draught beer has between 4.1% to 4.3% alcohol content. Some researchers posited that Guinness contains some antioxidants that are very similar to those in some vegetables and fruits.

100ml of Guinness draught beer gives 35,505 calories (144.11KJ of energy). You can burn this amount of energy with 4 minutes of jogging or 5 minutes of cycling or 6 minutes of walking.

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Coca-Cola Original Taste

Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink made from coca leaves, Kola nuts and a very high fructose corn syrup content; however, the real formula for the product has never been made public by the parent company. To prevent cocaine from being in the formula, the coca leaves used in making Coca-Cola were extracted and made cocaine free. Nevertheless, caffeine remains an important constituent of the product due to the Kola nuts being used in making it.

100ml of Coca-Cola will give you 41,700 calories (175KJ of energy) when consumed. You can burn this amount of calorie through 5 minutes of jogging or 6 minutes of cycling or 7 minutes of walking.

Red bull

Red bull is an energy drink that originated from Thailand, it is of different varieties depending on the country of consumption. It generally contains caffeine, taurine, B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12) and simple sugars (such as sucrose and glucose). All these ingredients are usually combined inside a buffer solution of carbonated water, baking soda and magnesium carbonate. Some varieties of Red bull are sugar-free, in such cases the simple sugars are replaced with acesulfame and sucralose.

100ml of Red bull contains 44,000 calories (185.77KJ of energy). This amount of energy is burnt after 5 minutes of jogging or 6 minutes of cycling or 8 minutes of walking.

Strongbow Gold Apple

Strongbow Gold Apple is a bittersweet alcoholic drink, considered a dry cider made from multiple varieties of apple fruits; usually contains up to 50% of apple and between 4.5% to 6% alcohol. It also contains glucose syrup, fructose syrup, malic acid, antioxidant (Sulphur dioxide) and a colorant called cochineal.

100ml of Strongbow apple gold gives you 52,000 calories (218.07KJ of energy) when consumed. This amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 6 minutes of jogging or 7 minutes of cycling or 9 minutes of walking.

Nesquik Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Nesquik lowfat chocolate milk is made from cocoa powder, sweeteners, lowfat milk, starch, salt, vanilla and flavorings. Its nutritional value includes protein, carbohydrate, important vitamins and minerals; and it is considered to give a lot of energy as a result of these constituents.

100ml of Nesquik lowfat chocolate milk gives you 58, 500 calories when consumed. You burn this amount of calorie during 7 minutes of jogging or 8 minutes cycling or 10 minutes walking.

Cabernet Sauvignon from France – red wine

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wine grape varieties, it originated from France but has spread across most wine producing countries, becoming the most widely planted wine grape in the world. Cabernet Sauvignon from France is popular for its use in making enjoyable red wines. Scientific studies found that red wines contain the resveratol, a component that reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

100ml of red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon from France gives you 81,200 calories (340.3KJ of energy) when taken. This amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 10 minutes of jogging or 12 minutes of cycling or 14 minutes of walking.

Aperol Spritz Cocktail

Aperol spritz cocktail is an enjoyable Italian wine-based sweetbitter cocktail usually served over ice; it is made of aperol, prosesco, soda or sparkling mineral water; garnished with orange or an olive.

100ml of Aperol Spritz Cocktail gives you 99,960 calories (418.51KJ of energy) when consumed and this amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 12 minutes of jogging or 14 minutes of cycling or 18 minutes of walking.

Jack Daniels Whiskey OLD NO.7

Jack Daniels Whiskey is made in Tennessee, and it is America’s bestselling whiskey in the world. Jack Daniels Whiskey old No.7 is a rich whiskey specially known for its unique process of production. It is made from the distillation of corn, rye and malted barley inside copper stills, mellowed or filtered and then stored for adequate fermentation process to take place.

100ml of Jack Daniels Whiskey old No.7 gives you 219,817 calories  (917.08KJ of energy when consumed), and this amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 27 minutes of jogging or 31 minutes of cycling or 39 minutes of walking.

Baileys Irish Cream, Original

Baileys Irish Cream Original is a cream-based Irish whiskey with an alcohol content of 17%; with one of the major ingredients being cocoa extract, and usually with herbs and sugar. Its nutritional content include proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

100ml of Bailey’s Irish cream original gives you 327,000 calories  (1368.17KJ of energy), and this amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 40 minutes of jogging or 47 minutes of cycling or 58 minutes of walking.

So that’s it! Now that you know these critical facts about your favorite drinks, always ask yourself if you can actually give what it takes to burn the equivalent calories that an extra glass of the drink will give you. If you can, then Enjoy!

Calories in Popular Drinks
ProductCalories in 100mlHow long jogging
Water00 min
Lemon water1061 sec
Green tea8456 sec
Guinness Draught Beer35,5054 min
Coca cola original taste41,7005 min
RedBull44,0005 min
Strongbow Gold Apple51,9256 min
Nesquik Lowfat Chocolate Milk71,8547min
Cabernet Sauvignon – red whine81,20010 min
Aperol Spritz Coctail99,96012 min
Jack Daniels Whisky OLD NO. 7219,81727 min
Baileys Irish Cream, Original327,00040 min