Sweet potato chips Recipe

Sweet Potato Chips

You should note that I said sweet potato chips, not potato chips. This is to say that the potTo we’ll be making the chips from is not the regular potato. This is a different species of potato called the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables to have ever been discovered. In making your choice of the sweet potato to buy in the market, be careful not to pick ones with crack, messy areas or bruise. Just be sure it is hard to press.

The snack doles out only 188 calories.



1. Wash the sweet potatoes thoroughly and peel off the skin, especially if it is the naturally grown species.

2. After peeling off the skin, cut the potatoes into sizeable bits. Make sure the bits are equally sized. And while cutting, you will have to be fast so as to ensure that it doesn’t turn black.

The way to prevent it from turning black is to get it into water immediately after it has been cut.

3. Leave the whole slices inside a salted bowl of water for a bit. This is after you have rinsed it severally and changed the water.

3. Lay a piece of parchment paper on top of the removable microwave turntable plate. I like to give the parchment paper edges a little trim so it does not jumble up when the plate spins.

4. Now, arrange the sweet potato slices on the parchment paper inside the microwave, spray the slices with cooking spray and lock up the microwave.

5. Microwave the slices for about five minutes, but this is depending on the thickness of the slices you made and how crunchy you want it. Once the edges begin curling in and the sweet potato turns a bit darker in color, then it is ready to be set down, although you can check it to verify that it has gotten as crisp as you will want it.

6. Now you can see it down, I know how tempting it can be to want to eat it immediately, but I’ll suggest you let it cool for a tiny bit, that will help it get crispier