10 Exercises to Burn 500 Calories – 500 Calorie Workouts

Burning more calories than you eat is the ticket to successful weight loss. When you are ridding yourself of more calories than what is on your plate, then the resultant deficit is covered through mobilizing the body’s fat. This is why burning around 500 calories a day can help you shed around a pound a week easily. It is the absolute best and most advantageous way to lose weight because ordinary physical activity is going to keep it off your body for good. Without further-adieu, here are 10 exercises that can burn 500 calories with ease! 


Running is by far one of the best exercises for us in terms of burning calories. You can see the results of running within days if you are continuously doing it on a daily basis. You do not need equipment for this and can conduct this exercise outside, but if you wish to use a equipment such as a treadmill, then this can also be just as beneficial. You need to run at a steady pace of 8 mph for 30 minutes, stopping on and off for around 30 seconds to catch your breath. Within that time period you will have successfully burned 500 calories by the time you have finished. Running does not only benefit your health physically, but can also be beneficial to your mental health as well. 

Strength Training 

Training with weights allows you to target various muscle groups and brings definition. Strength training is an intense form of workout that burns a number of calories quickly while also defining your muscle groups. Some of the most common forms of strength training include bench pressing, arm curling, squatting, and more. In 30 minutes you can workout various muscle groups, resting for approximately 30 seconds in between sets and if you train hard enough you can burn 500 calories in no time. 


Swimming is a great exercise for our entire body and it uses all of our muscles – which is why swimmers are in such great shape. Swimming easily torches calories effectively and builds endurance for various levels. Unlike strength training and using weights, it does not cause wear and tear on your back or knees, which will save you from a lot of future complications or pain in the future. Swimming up and down the lane for approximately 30 minutes at a regular pace can burn 500 calories easily – and you won’t even break a sweat. 

Interval Training 

Interval training is a style of exercise that you are able to do with most of these ideas to increase the rate that you’re burning calories. You are going to want to alternate between periods of high intensity effort and rest periods of lower intensity work outs. This will stimulate your metabolism and boosts the efficiency of your workout. Doing this workout in a 30 minute time period will burn a substantial amount of fat and calories quickly. 

Body Weight Workouts 

With a bodyweight workout, you are using your own bodyweight to give you resistance against gravity. This includes exercises like push-ups, squats, lundges, planks, and others that demand calories, ultimately burning them in the process. Alternate bodyweight exercises with dedicated intensity for 30 minutes will allow you to have a full body workout that improves your metabolism and burns nearly 500 calories in no time. It is important to make sure that your body is ready for strain, because these exercises are extremely serious. Once you get into the swing of doing these exercises, you will be torching calories like crazy. 


Hiking can take a bit more of your time if you are looking to burn a large amount of calories. After around 2 hours, you can burn 500 calories, all depending on the terrain you decide to hike. If the hike that you are participating in consist of a bunch of hills, climbing, and working your way up hill, then you will burn calories at a much faster pace than if you are simply just walking on a flat trail. Hiking not only gets you outside and allows you to see the outdoors, but it also gets your heart rate going and your calories burning. Therefore, put on your hiking boots and get to walking!

Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is a workout, much like swimming, that works out your entire body. Pulling yourself up on top of rocks and working your way up will use all of the muscles in your body, which burns calories extremely fast. Rock climbing is one of the best ways to get a workout in a fun and thrilling manner through boosting your adrenaline. Also, it is a great strength training workout for your upper body and your legs as well. 


If you wish to get outside more and explore the area in a quicker and easier way than walking/running, then bicycling is a great way to do this. You are able to ride bikes on trails, on the road, or even off road if you have the right bike. If you do not wish to ride a bike outside, then there are also stationary bikes that are also available, either for in your home or at the gym. Also, you can use a bike as a means of transportation, which saves yourself gas money and getting in shape all at the same time. In order to burn around 500 calories, you will need to ride a bike for approximately 75 minutes. 

Jump Roping 

Jump roping is an exercise that you can easily do within the comfort of your home. In order to burn 500 calories, you will need to conduct jump roping for around 30-45. While this may sound rather boring, there are variations of jumping roping such as double-leg and single-leg jumps that burn calories extremely fast. If you push yourself and end up jump roping for around an hour, a 160-pound person can burn 730 calories. Jump roping has become one of the most common and reliable ways for individuals to lose weight and burn calories within your home or at the gym!