Ways to Burn 500 Calories Without Using Workout Equipment

At times, we do not always have the time needed in order to make it to the gym. There may even be the possibility that you do not have the money available in order to purchase a gym membership. This is common among many individuals, which is why you may be looking for workouts to do either at home or without workout equipment. 

While workout equipment such as weights, a treadmill, an elliptical, or other forms of workout equipment are great to use, there are other just as beneficial workouts available for you that you can do within the comfort of your home or even outside. Therefore, within this blog we are going to discuss some of the workouts that can get you to your 500 calorie goal without utilizing workout equipment. 


Hiking is a great way to burn 500 calories while also exploring nature, getting some sun, and for some, a way to reconnect with the world outside of your life. Hiking is beneficial in so many ways and with time put into it, can easily allow you to burn 500 calories. Hiking is completely weight or workout equipment free and can be done really anywhere that you desire. 

Whether it be a state park or the woods behind your house, hiking is beneficial no matter where you decide to do it. If you are seeking to burn more calories faster, seek to find terrain that is more uphill rather than flat. An example of this may include a 150 pound hiker who travels six miles with no elevation gain, in which the person will burn over 500 calories within that time frame. Whether you run or walk is entirely up to you, but regardless, you are going to be torching calories. 


While many believe that running is the quickest way to burn calories, it actually takes a bit of time in order to burn 500 calories. A 155-pound runner will need to run a seven-minute mile speed to banish 500 calories. Running is still an extremely beneficial workout for your body and can torch calories at a pretty consistent rate. 

Having said that, running has a lot of wear and tear on your body and does not always lead to the results that you want. Running outside is still a great way to absorb sunlight, burn some calories, and even clear your mind. Running is completely workout equipment free – unless you are seeking to use a treadmill. 


While biking does require you to have a bike, it is relatively cheap compared to that of a gym membership or purchasing a spin bike for indoors. Biking also enables you to get outside and even explore nature if you have a trail that is suitable for biking.

If you conduct bicycling for approximately 45 minutes to an hour (all depending on your weight), you could burn around 500 calories. Biking on a trail is much more challenging for you in comparison to a spin bike. If you are to take your bike on a trail, you have to fight hills and steep inclines. With a spin bike it is a pretty consist flat ride the entire time and does not have you put your body to the test. Therefore, get out your mountain bike and explore!

Mowing the Lawn 

While this does not sound like a workout, mowing the lawn actually is a calorie burner. While you may not do this everyday, it may be good for an off-day when you are looking to obtain an easy workout. WebMD states that mowing the grass can burn around 250-350 calories per hour. If mowing the lawn is not something that you are that into, then other forms of yard work can offer similar benefits. 

Landscaping, moving rocks, and hauling dirt rank even higher than mowing, at around 400-600 calories per hour. Getting your garden and yard in shape while also sculpting your body is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon or a weekend. Be sure to bend at the knees and follow proper form when digging, lifting, or hauling yard waste. Then start toning the muscle groups this exercise activates.  

Shoveling Snow 

Much like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow can also be an extremely beneficial workout. Shoveling snow allows you to burn around 400-600 calories per hour. While this is a seasonal workout, it definitely still is a great workout for when the time comes around. Shoveling snow is almost double the calories that your average aerobics class burns. Shoveling snow is basically the same concept as lifting weights, since snow is hefty and rather heavy. Getting outside and up close with nature also earns points for your mental and physical health. Also, this workout is all around productive for when those heavy winters hit.

Chasing Children 

There are reasons that youth remains so skinny. With a mixture of metabolism and exercise, children are able to maintain a healthy weight at most times within their life. Playing with kids is another great way to help you burn calories. 

Whether it is your own children or nephews/nieces, getting out in the yard and playing games with them enables you to burn calories rather quickly. Chasing them through the yard or playing hide and seek gets you up close and personal with being outside and losing weight. Lifting an infant or toddler also is a workout in itself, considering that you have to use your upper body to pick them up. Depending on your activity level, child care can burn up to 600 calories every hour. 

Martial Arts 

Judo, karate, kickboxing and other forms of martial arts can burn 370 calories every 30 minutes. While many gyms offer martial arts classes, there are also videos and exercises online that can allow you to learn martial arts within the comfort of your home. Martial arts is a full-body workout that enables you to burn a hefty amount of calories in absolutely no time.