Pterostilbene has similar effects to resveratrol and is a methoxylated derivative of resveratrol found in e.g. Canadian blueberries, blackberries and grape wine.

Pterostilbene and its effects:

  • lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • powerful antioxidant, anti-free radicals and slows down the ageing process
  • thanks to the anthocyanins it contains, it prevents damage to cells and DNA, thus counteracting the development of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and possibly brain degeneration
  • alternative to resveratrol, it is more soluble in fat
  • has higher oral adsorption than resveratrol and is metabolized significantly slower in the body, thus extending its antioxidant effect
  • helps regulate blood sugar levels and is thus effective in the fight against type 2 diabetes
  • may improve cognitive function
  • can normalise lipoprotein levels and heal inflammatory reactions